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Set etiquette 101!

Hi! My name is Courtney Callais! I’ve been a makeup artist in the Film/TV industry for 8 years now and I’m going share some advice that might be helpful if you’re new to the business!

First and foremost I cannot emphasize enough the power of being kind and being a team player. That goes for all departments. So let’s leave the drama at the door and get down to the specifics! When you arrive on set it’s not always easy to be “out of the way”. Usually someone will guide and help you find a proper place to set up. Hopefully close to the talent! But lets make sure we aren’t in the talents eye-line and not congregating around the directors video village. Once settled you always want to be paying attention. What’s the shot? Who’s on camera? What’s up next? It’s not always necessary to go in for last looks but make sure your actor knows you’re paying attention and there if they need anything. Touch ups between camera set ups are ideal so that camera and crew aren’t waiting on us for every take.

Be proactive about what your department head or other artists may need assistance with. They are also there to help you if you need anything. Any issues with production should be addressed to the department head. Anytime that you need to leave set always make sure your actors are covered. Let someone know! Keep your spaces and station clean and tidy! We are professionals and want to represent our department as such. We don’t need someone cleaning up after us!

Last but not least, silence your phones!

Best of luck!

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